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Writing In The Midst Of All Things…

Writing In The Midst Of All Things…


Hello, to everyone! It’s raining here in Kentucky today! Great afternoon to have coffee and write! I’ve finished another of  Kate Singh’s book! Hooray for me. She writes about being frugal, thrifty, budgeting, writing, and throws a little fun in about her life! I love reading her blog, I read it daily in the mornings with coffee. I just started reading her blog about a week and a half ago. I believe I discovered Kate’s blog in the reader, then again it could have been while surfing the Internet. She has inspired me tremendously and I definitely recommend reading her blog. I don’t have many followers, hopefully my writing gets better. I have written in a notebook, journal or some type of journal since I can’t remember when. I plan to start working on and writing e-books soon. We’ll be letting our Internet at home go, yes, it’s going! So sad, but we’ve decided it’s best, especially when you can’t afford to have it. I will be going to the library writing and posting. Thank God, I have my own laptop because they only let a person use there computers for an hour at a time. The ladies are usually kind enough to let a person continue using them I no one is in line to be next.

Not having Internet at home will give me time to work on some other projects, work on writing my books and read plenty. Oh, and bake fresh bread! It’s delicious! I have my Kindle loaded down! If you don’t have a Kindle I recommend it. I very seldom pay for a book unless it’s a book I really, really want to read. I’ve heard so much talk about  “The Tightwad Gazette” I definitely want t purchase, read and keep this book. If nothing else I’ll check it out at the library.

I’ve had so much trouble with my website lately. I purchased my domain through and I have more than enough trouble with it. I have Word Press hosting but honestly I wish I would of just purchased my website through Word Press. If I’m having trouble with my sight then I’m getting locked out of my e-mail and the tech team is forever getting in touch with you! At one time it took me three weeks to finally be able to get back into my e-mail. There is not product I sell at this time,  but still I like to go into my e-mail and check it daily and yes, it’s become a real problem.

At times when I write here in Word Press I’m unable to upload photos from my computer. I’m not even sure it will post the photo I’ve inserted into this post until I’m finished writing this post. I thought about going back to a free blog at Word Press if my website and blog don’t start working right. The only difference is you can’t share to your social media and sell product whether it be physical product or digital.

Face Book is getting to be complete chaos, and drama. I keep a Facebook for one reason and that is to talk to our child. They live 250 miles from us. They decided to stay north and we like it in the country and to see all the photos they post. Otherwise I would delete my Facebook. I do have a business page on Facebook and I hope you’ll visit. My posts on my blog should post on my business page! Thank you!

I plan to experiment with digital product, and not having internet at home will give me more time to do this to. I have all the office programs so it’s time to start playing around with them and see what I can create! I enjoy being creative whether it be with scripture (Bible Journaling and it’s awesome), working in my planner, writing and just making things. I’ll have plenty to fill my days even though I will miss getting on here and reading all o my blogs and thank you ladies for writing on them. I’ll have my Internet for a few more days so it’s not the end of the world.

We are having to cut corners and be more frugal and getting rid of some of the things e don’t really need has become part of this. As long as I still have my home, land and loving husband and a God that is more than gracious I believe we’ll be alright. I have high hopes for our future here and then some. Thank you for watering my garden today God! I don’t have to!

I’ve spent time reading in all areas lately but I’ve mostly been reading about health, wellness and being thrifty and frugal. It’s an area I love to read about then write about. I mean fresh baked bread is more than easy to make I’ll be making more today!

Flour, yeast, water, oil, salt, and a pinch of sugar or not.



And here is your fresh baked bread! How simple is this?

I’ve posted Kate Singh’s new book here! This is her new book here I just finished and it really is a fantastic book for all mothers, homemakers, and others to read. It comes highly recommended! Have a wonderful day and please visit again soon! As I will be writing from the library soon enough! Please keep us in your prayers as we hope this storm in our life passes soon and I’m anxious to see where this season in our life takes us and as well what blessings God has in store for us because with seasons of hardships, struggling and living frugal and thrifty always comes a blessing after from God!

And yes! My post here does have photos and now I’m off to see of the phots and this posts! If so, I will be writing more today!

I apologize for my next post not being grocery shopping, meal plan, and couponing but life happens at times and we cannot always get done we hope to! Love, Prayers & God Bless!


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