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A Day Of Cleaning and Editing & a U-tube Video (no editing)

A Day Of Cleaning and Editing & a U-tube Video (no editing)

I awoke today at around 6 a.m. and my husband and I had coffee like we usually do in the mornings and I read my daily blogs. A little while later I dived into housework of decluttering, scrubbing, sweeping, dishes daily always and I’m still not even close to being done.

First I did a scrub down I  the bathroom and isn’t this always lovely. I enjoy cleaning though. It’s like some type of meditation or therapy to me. Most proble wouldn’t say this but aI enjoy a clean home.

I believe the best way to get things accomplished in your life is to have order and organzation as well.

I definitely need to order some cleaning supplies! Since we don’t have a vehicle and it is winter here, if I odn’t get out to the Dollar Store I will order online. I’m thinking going back to Grove Collaborative but I’m jsut not sure and I need to place an order today and spend a few dollars because we are pinching pennies my friend dearly! I do have Prime and with this I get free shipping but I’m undecided because I ordered from Grove this past summer and it can get costly and I have to be as frugal as I can at this time in our life. Our heat bill is costing a firtune heating with electric heaters. There are no ducts in this trailer for the furnace. There is also a propane heater on my kitchen wall and my husband purchased a small tank or 20.00 and it lasted two days and that was it but it heated this entire area of our home and we did not even get cold in our bedroom on this night so I’m thinking this propane heater may be the way to go. The exhaustion emotionally from the rising heat bills is getting to us already. My husband works so hard at a minimum wage job but, we are so fortunate and grateful for what we have. If I could become this “genius” and generate income from my blog we might see greener pastures but it’s a fight out there in the blogging wrold for tha in itself.

I ordered this shipment last year and their products are fantastic but, I’ve got to make a decision here and soon!


I would love to be able to write freelance and make a little each month and I could be happy!

I finally filmed a U-tube video today and uploaded it. It’s under Vicky Garland if anyone would like to watch. It’s not edited at all. I have tried and tried and I cannot get the editing down for nothing. I’ve watched U-tube videos, read countless material and they make it look so easy and it’s not. When I had a channel I paid 39.99 a month for U-tube Red and really got no special features, other than, there are no adds in the videos and I deinitely can’t afford this right now. You may have a little more features as far as editing but they weren’t and I finally one month jsut told I wanted a refund and I was done with it becaause I didn’t have Internet for about t months and blogged from my phone. That was not easy. Thank God, it’s back on. If I can’t write even though I’m not the best writer, I couldn’t imagine. I’ve journaled since I was a young girl and this is kind of like keeping a journal of your life. Only diference now is, I want and need to become successful at this. I’ll never lose hope, at 52 I still have dreams and want more for our future.

I’ll leave a link for my video here:

I have a chicken in the oven for dinner, and I think I will work on my blog a little more or maybe get some reading in. A nap sure sounds great right about now but, I wouldn’t sleep well tonight and I’m always awake later than my husband because I am a bookworm and love to read at night no matter what it is or I write and I have to may categories on my blog. I wish I could figure how to delete some of them and narrow them down. If you have thoughts on this please do tell. I did not realize that’s what they were and there would be as many as there are now. Other’s probably think I have lost my train of thought. Enjoy my video and share one of you! I would love to watch.

Have a lovely evening and keep writing, andhave a wonderful evening. I’ve actually gotten quite a bit accomplished today because I’m pooped out.

Blessings to all and please visit again…

I wish I could get rid of these adds on my page! I don’t know where these things come from! Grrrrr!

Have a pleasant evening! Baked chicken for dinner. Yum!

Thought for the day: We need to paint! The time will come…

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  • I have gotten a little category crazy on my blog as well but haven’t taken the time to see how to delete them yet. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out. It most definitely isn’t easy trying to navigate your way through wordpress, and I haven’t tried youtube yet, but I’m expecting it to be just as confusing lol

  • Great video, loved seeing your home. There is a lot you can do with three acres and that outbuilding could be turned into a little home all on it’s on. Of course it takes tons of work but even a tiny bit at a time will get your goals accomplished, never give up. It is great that you are going for your dreams.

    • Oh that out building is brand new. It has a loft in the top. Heat, air, brand new bathroom and shower. The couple we are buying this place from said they spent 20,000.00 buidling it. Shehad a dog grooming business in it and it has a brand new floor, peg board walls one side. It is really nice. I wish we had the money to open some type of business in it. I can’t make a dollar blogging lol. Thank you for the kind comments. I said hello to you in my video. What is your name. I love your blog! I keep changing stuff on mine. It’s driving ,me crazy. I can’t seem to find blogger peace! lol I don’t know but thnak you. I wish I was as creative of you but were so broke most of the time its awful but we have al we need, It’s 60 degrees here today sun shining and we been in the minus temps freezing. Grateful for a beautiful day. I always dread winter. I just can’t stand the cold! Have a good day and thanks!

    • I think we need to get our butts to church tonight I’ll eel better! God always makes me feel better. My husband and I choose a word for the year every year and we chose “balance” in trying to balance it all this year etc. etc. I was reading my devotion this morning and it said When storms come, your trust balance will be sufficient to see you through I thought huh!

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