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A Peek Into My Week & Being Frugal…

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It’s actually been a pretty positive few days. I was off work Thursday and I spent my day baking bread, cakes and other goodies.

I also spent the day preparing for for Fall and Winter doing simple things in order for us to be able to be and stay warm, as well as keep the heat in instead of letting it drift out through windows, doorways and other areas that air may be able to get through. I went through curtains and my mother in law sent me some to  because, to save on energy, heat, and keep your house warmer we want to hang thicker or thermal curtains if you can and are able to, they will keep your house warmer. I folded up, and rolled them up and placed them in a basket to sit in the living room in order for me to be able to snuggle under one with a book, or during a movie with my hubby or if we have a visitor that needs to keep and stay


Don’t be discouraged with the same old, same old. You can change the looks in the  in your home by being thrifty and frugal with what  you already have. I’ve taken mason jars and candles that I purchased here locally back in the summer and used them for canisters for beans, rice,.pennies, change, and their great for q-tips, cotton balls and those older smallet spice racks are great for nail polish or other items that we use for self care. The better and refreshed we look, the better we will feel! Very important because if we feel good, positive energy, the flow of our home will do the same. I tell my husband happy wife makes for a happy life!

Warm water with Dawn dish liquid and vinegar after you’ve set the candle down in a medium size pot of boiling water after you dispose of the melted wax, the remaining wax in the bottom which isn’t much will wipe right out with warm water Dawn dish soap and a clothe or paper towel. The cheaper candles from the Dollar Stores with the silver lids look nice to! The smaller iddy biddy candles I store paper clips, rubber bands or even ink pens, tape or any type of small item.

In other news we I managed to find a used washer and dryer at a very cheap price, however,the washers not spinning out, or emptying water so we are dealing with this dilemma. The dryer works great but I was depending on the washer more because I can hang clothes on the line still. It’s cold here in Whitley City, Ky. Today almost frigid, last night in the thirties but, there are still sunny warm days that I can still hang clothes on the line. We’ll see what happens with this situation. On to the next thing, not stealing my JOY today. The gentle men is calling now, my husband is speaking with him we’ll see and the piece in the  lid is chipped a little on the plastic. My jack of all trades husband will fix it. A washer & dryer set well worth 75.00! I was dreading the Fall and Winter Seasons with out,  because we accumulate more laundry in the Fall and Winter seasons. It was money we really did not have, but clean clothes are a neccesity! Happy wife I am now!

Upon reading my devotion today it said when others cheat you, cross you, or some type of circumstance the same practice forgiving easily and as  soon as possible. Use this for a chance to practice God’s Grace!

We lost our dog Little Bit last Thurs. Oct. 20, due to him being old I assume. I miss him daily, we had it for years! Oh, I loved him so much! We still have Eazel, a year old baby and we love him. Not as laid back as Little Bit, more hyper and he plays fetch! Such a pretty dog!



In the situation with our house, I’m just tired of exhausting  myself emotionally. We’ve gotten a couple donations. We’ve paid some on our rear payment. My husband  has managed to  be able to do a refrigeration job with a friend for a few days and this will go towards our mortage. I believe he will petty much have to accept it because they’ve already accepted a partial payment. I and my husband refuse to be consumed with worry, fear and fear of the unknown. Only God knows where he wants us, he will see us through. If our Almighty God above decides were better off else where, then we are. He knows best! I’m taking my joyous days back and enjoying my days once again. My blog is a documentary of my life to as well as an outlet and I love and have a passion for writing about the good days and bad. Solutions are what readers need to hear about after the process of experiencing the painful pain has set in and we’ve accepted the circumstances for what it is then, WE GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS, PULL UP OUR BOOT STRAPS AND DEAL WITH IT!

In reading I’m learning all kinds of frugal and thrifty ways to save such as adding powdered milk to the liquid. It really stretches it, and we don’t even know the difference, using the tissue paper tube inside for the ugliness or cluttered look from cords, wires, etc. I’ve used it ir works perfectly! Theres so much information in this book The Tightwad Gazette and I’ll be sharing more.

I’m reading all about sustainable, thrifty, penny pinching in Kate Singhs books!

This is a fantastic book of Kate’s at I’ve already read and well worth buying for keeps! You won’t be dissapointed by her witt, honesty, writing, charm And a look into her life! She always makes makes me smile, encourages me, gives me hope and helps me to want better and push myself to do better! I can’t say enough great about her! At times I feel we were cut from the same clothe. Her new book: “The Housewife Is a Writer’s” well I can’t rave about it enough! Please go to Kate Singh at and get yours cheapy, cheap! You won’t be dissappointed I promise! Oh how I love Kate’s writing!

My book is coming along. Its about some of my life and all that’s happened. Acceptance,.endurance, persevering amd conquering the toughest times when we think that we just can’t go on!

I’ll be tidying up, laundry, laundry, laundry, until then.

Oh and yesterday, I got avocados for .99 this I get excited about! Yummy!

God bless and have a blessed day!

Its raining here I’ll be baking bread and making sandwiches this evening! I would much rather be in my “Home Sweet Home” but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Have a joyful day and thanks for being here! It means the world to me having readers!

Do not be discouraged, I have overcome the world!

The Bible KJV




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