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About Me

About Me

Hello, and welcome to my most peaceful place other than my home itself. When I’m writing I feel such peace and joy and I experience the same when I’m right here in my home cleaning, cooking and taking care of all that needs to be done here in order to make it comfortable and peaceful for my family and me to spend time together. If you would rather be living in our modern world this may or may not be the place for you and you’ll be the one to decide. Bring your daybook or planner as it’s called at this time and join the fun in how we clean, recipes, all the fun we endure in our homes.


Actually, it’s just my husband and I. He is at work six days a week as I can usually find one or another thing to do. I originally started this blog to keep stories, memories or special times in our lives and have a keepsake place for them. I live in an old fashion way as and like an old fashion housewife so I thought why not share the fun with others and write, blog and post photos about all I do in my home new techniques I read about or use that are effective and it has now become my old fashion housewife blog. I really do in my heart at the age of 52 wish we were in the 1950’s and I could live there daily with my husband.

I thought small phot was money although I bake because I enjoy it. I just baked home-made biscuits tonight with dinner. I love the furniture, decor and the style of the homes. I love all that I read about it and the more and more I did read and research about it I realized I may as be one because as frugal, thrifty and as good as I am at stretching a dollar I may as well be and this blog has turned into this. I love and enjoy all things old in my home. We keep things and use them up, wear them out, sew and mend them until we there cannot be used anymore.

I hope you’ll please come and join the fun because this is how I fill my days writing about our life together and all I do in my home. I’ll be back up and running on U-tube soon and I’ll have a channel there also. I had one for quite some time and we went through a financial hardship this past summer and all is back to the norm now! 


If you do have a blog please comment and let me know where you are or leave me a link and let me know how your home is run. Old fashion or Modern day? God bless until next time…

It is time for evening coffee with my beloved husband then I read until next time…

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