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Hello and welcome to Wednesday here and as you can see in this photo here I was still in my pajamas this morning and looking fresh having coffee, reading my devotions with reading some scripture, with deciding and writing out what I will do for the day and what type of tasks my day will consist of and I always have my dogs to keep me company. Usually about 10:00 a.m. they are ready for a morning nap because of them being up since early dawn with my husband.


I actually have several different things, areas, and subjects I want to blog about today.

I have been looking for a new camera for quite some time because for my U-tube channel I have been using my Logitech C-920.  The price was about 59.00 I beleive and you can also use it for video calls which I never do. It’s a fantastic webcam, as it’s been said that it is the best webcam out there. I have learned over time to read the reviews before making a purchase on an item so if you shop online I definitely recommend reading the reviews. The downside is it has to be plugged into my laptop the entire time I’m filming. With the spring season coming then summer I want to be able to film outside on our land with Eazel and Stubs and our Roosters and Chickens.


logitech (2)
My Logitech C-920


My husband plans to build a chicken coop for them (I’ll help) and I think it would be fun to film that. I already have tripods, one is 2 feet and the other is 4-foot. At times I do a film on my phone. A great new video app I found also is Kinemaster. I’m not so good at editing and if you watch my videos you’ll see that. I’m still practicing!

I also have a selfie stick and I had read and watched a video that said the end that attaches to the phone comes off and attaches to the tripod however mine does not. I have tried every way in the world to get the contraption apart and my selfie stick is just not having it! 

I have found the camera that I’m going to order and here it is. It is a Minolta 20 Megapixels wifi digital camera with 35 times optical zoom and 1080 HD video optical. I think it will be a huge success for my U-tube channel! As soon as I order it. I think it’s going to be great! I’ve always loved photography and it will be great for photos of us, and I can video places I visit here, dollar store hauls, places my husband and I visit here in Kentucky or just that I visit. I think you all! 


Now, I have visited many, many, wonderful blogs this month of February and since this month has passed us by rather quickly I wanted to share, write and brag about them!

Blogs I’ve Love & Read!

Miss Heidi Benson writes and blogs here at and it’s a really positive blog in all she writes about from hope and love to set our goals in life to a few stories in between and I really enjoy reading her blog daily. If I feel like I’m having a down moment Heidi’s blog can always lift me up and she offers great advice.



2. I came across this blog all while surfing blogs as us bloggers do and I was so relieved to find Denise that blogs about spirituality, God, and she ha so many, many, recipes and they all look so delicious that you just have to visit her at her blog to say hello to Denise she is such a sweet lady at!


3. Milly Schmidt is a blogger I follow on WordPress and she’s a fantastic writer! I can’t say she really sticks to one area and I just love her style of writing and all she writes about. I think you’ll be very pleased when you visit Milly at her blog and read all about her life here

4. I believe her name is Lee and she is divinely loved in the blogging world due to her style of blogging about Becoming The Ultimate Housewife




Shane, California USA
Meet Lee Ultimate Housewife



5. This blog is a vintage housewife and I know, But this lady is great and writes about all we try and maintain as housewives both in the now, 1950’s and with a vintage style, as she has a vintage closet we can visit, a recipe box, and 1950’s educational videos along with housekeeping tips for all.  You can visit her at  you can devour her blog here and see all she does as a vintage housewife.

Mrs. Jenn

6. Who doesn’t know Ree Drummond from being Pioneer Woman? I love all of her recipes and actually, I have been following her blog here on WordPress for quite some time and just discovered recently that she is the Ree Drummond from the food network channel and she is just great I love her blog!  You can visit her here just click on the link it will take you away to her pioneer homefront and she even has a mercantile store I just discovered recently in Oklahoma. Visit her blog and she also has a facebook for it.

I read Ree Drummond’s memoir and it really is a fantastic book. It’s her story about her life and how she met her husband and ended living as a Pioneer Woman.

Image result for photos of ree drummond pioneer woman

  1. I really enjoy this ladies style and she is in England. It’s so beautiful there and she write all about her life, the legacy of her home and once again being a housewife! Visit and enjoy her New England vintage style

My Photo

  1. When I read this lady fed a family of nine for 100.00 a month I was definitely going to visit her blog and I have been reading her blog ever since. Yes, that kind of jumped out at me. Isn’t she so cute? Visit, read and find out all she has to offer and find out how she makes the most of every penny like she says!

Introduction Sidebar 2017

  1. This lady here on her blog has everything from organization, DIY,  recipes. recommendations, and more. Melissa is her name ans she is always here as we are all here to help each other to make our lives easier, faster, and all around more manageable.


  1. I saved this blog here for number ten and I have been reading Dee’s blogs for quite a long time and she actually wrote a blog post about bringing back the housedress that I thought was awesome!

Tea With Dee


House Dress

Here is a link to the article and I think you will really enjoy it! Bringing Back The Housedress…

Down here at the last of y blog since I talked about my camera and filming in the beginning of this blog I thought i would share a photo of the camera I’m planning to purchase and order soon. Cameras are really expensive or rise in price and awful lot and we are on a very tight budget so if anyone has used this camera and has anything to tell me about it please “Do Tell”!

I hope you have enjoyed this today and please visit these wonderful ladies and let me know what you thought of all these wonderful blogging ladies!

Until next time!





My Minolta Camera just have to order it and await the arrival then, learn how to use it!


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    • Oh I would love to see a photo of your coop! We have an old building here that’s over by where I had my gardens last year and were going to try and use the wood from this building and we have some left over red paint where my kitchen was red in our old house we used to rent yes red! We repainted it and it’s expenses paint so I’d like to make use of it. There in a chicken house that was here and my husband added a door and we put a tarp on one side. I worry about them being cold. My rooster are HUGE! My chickens are getting bigger to. I’ll post a photo on my blog of them. I’m not sure the breed though. My husband said someone told him white leggins. There are several breeds and I have yet to find any that look like mine. I feel my chicken house looks shabby in photos but it is what it is there chickens! lolI ordered a new camera tonight so I’ll be able to have and take better pictures and videos outside. With warm weather coming I want to be able to be outside and film ad get great photos for the blog! Thanks and I think you’ll enjoy these sights!

    • I’m going to write a short post and post some recent photos I took of my chickens the other day. Take a look when you get time and see if
      you may know the breed. They have some tan in them to. Thanks when evr you get time no rush!

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