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Our Day Together

Our Day Together

Through the struggles and the rainy days and frigid cold weather, my site is currently under maintenance and I’m doing my best to fix the issues because the company my domain is through has been of no help and thank our mighty Jesus I was able to figure out how to get back into my dashboard and be able to blog. Maybe I should start doing Yoga because I definitely need something to relax myself and my mind. What are your thoughts on this?

Were living on bare minimum wage and my mind is constantly spinning about how I can generate just a small amount of extra cash flow to go into our home, my costs for my blog and general household purposes that go into being a housewife. I in no way want to sound ungrateful because I am grateful daily for my husband and me to be able to be able to have a roof over our heads and be purchasing a home and 3 acres on land contract because in 11 years it will be paid for and will be ours in full.

Moving onto other things my husband found out his license is no longer suspended for which they were suspended for the arrearage of child support from years ago that he pays on monthly. How in the world do they expect a person to be able to get to work and maintain a job without a license and a vehicle for which we don’t have and it makes it especially hard in the winter time like it is here now in Ky? My husband ended up having to go to the eye doctor because he couldn’t past the test due to lack of good vision. In other words, he needed glasses for which he went to the eye doctor and was able to get a pair for 69.00 and pay half now and have in a week when they come in. Again money we did not have but God will see us through and my husband works far too hard not to have these glasses so much that is needed. For the price of 69.00, they won’t be to fancy but my husband will be able to have the proper vision he needs. Life as a housewife and family.

Our temps have been in the minus zero digits. Our heat bill is through the roof and I worry day to day over bills of course. I’m writing from the heart and that’s all I can say about this post. As far as being “dirt poor and loving it” I’m unsure of that right at this moment. Kate Singh’s book is wonderful on this subject and will definitely give you hope if you’re lacking. This is one of her books here and she has many of them. I have read them all and she has always lifted me up when I needed it and given me hope. You may look her up at

My husband and I plan to watch “The Doctor” tonight. We watched the first episode last week I believe it was and it’s a pretty good show about a young doctor with autism and no one at this hospital cares for him. I know they will come around because he’s an excellent doctor. I was hooked on Grey’s Anatomy for years but it’s not as good of a show as it used to be to me. This is a very decent show for a new series. Give it a try and see what you think. I don’t watch much television anymore because the newer the shows get the worse they get. I’m a “Little House On The Prairie” fan or would rather watch any type of show that is beneficial to my life.

My husband was off work today and it’s been a pretty relaxing day but tomorrow I’ll wake early, have coffee with my husband, get to blogging about 9 ish because he leaves about 8:40, tidy up in the morning before blogging then, get into some deep cleaning, decluttering and organization that is much needed with my husband and relaxation and spending time with him because he works six days a week outside in the cold so it’s a good couple day having him home. He’s nice enough to go out into the cold and feed my roosters.

Thank God because it’s been so cold. Then we have Stubs and Eazel our two dogs for company. They drive us crazy but we love our animals. Eazel listens to nothing and Stubs is an iddy biddy thing that’s cute as a button. If this blog bored you to death thanks for sticking around because my sites currently under maintenance and I’m figuring things out and changing things up for 2018! Happy Tuesday and I will see you here tomorrow at

Don’t forget to try out “The Good Doctor Monday’s 10p.m.



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This To Shall Pass: It Did…

This To Shall Pass: It Did…

I have been locked out of my website my blog and website for days because my domain is through my domain is through Go Daddy with WordPress hosting and it’s been pure hell the last few days with numerous phone calls with techs that have no idea what they’re doing and I even tried to make several free blogs through the free ones on WordPress and I could find no writing or have blogger peace, I’m having a whole lot of trouble with this and writers block. though the free are so limited I can’t do what I can on my full site. because their so limited and I have so much more with a domain, website & blog.

Bare with me because it will take me some time to get it back to the way I want my blog to be and stay this way because I am still educating myself in the blogging world.

I thank you kind bloggers so much for reading my blog and allowing me to be part of your community with your loving kindness. ‘I have so much in store for 2018.

Were going through some tough times again and a very good friend of ours passed away today of a massive heart attack. RIP Jerry, you were a wonderful man. He lived to be 85 years old and that’s quite a gifted long life.

We’ll get through it like we always do. Now allow me to get back to my blogging and setting it up again. I love you all and thanks so much for being here.

Great blogs to read: Kate’s blog is great click here

I love Little Red House she is great and so friendly and creative

I love this girl a budget-cutting mommy at heart and she is great at what she does and her post and she lives not far from me! Yay! In Lexington, it’s still quite the drive but it’s nice to know you know a blogger in the same area and state you’re from.

I’ll be deleting a huge amount of things on my blog and website because it’s time to change things up for 2018. May we all succeed. I’ve put a huge amount of work into this site and I don’t want to give up on it!

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A Peek at My Week – Being a Frugal, Thrifty, Sustainable House wife, and Still Educating Along The Way…

A Peek at My Week – Being a Frugal, Thrifty, Sustainable House wife, and Still Educating Along The Way…

I decided to put my sectional back together for our winter season today and my husband was home today and he was able to help me.

All of week has consisted of :

Monday- Honestly it was hard to get moving the beginning of this week.

I moved into it slow. I awoke and Monday morning and had a great morning felt good. I had quiet time with my husband coffee and devotion after I had coffee with ny husband, got his lunch packed. My quiet times come after he’s out the door today. Our home is pretty busy earlier in the morning. I could get up earlier but between 6:30 and 7:30 is good for me through our Winter season.

I’ll have my devotion, read my Bible and read some more of what I’m reading and yes, I’ve alway had 3 or 4 books going at once. I can never not find a good book to read. There is so much I just want to read. I noticed Monday it was making me tired after I had tidied up or I may have even did this later. I decided movie with me and my dogs! I’m sure we’ve all done this and took a movie afternoon or watched a good movie or maybe even more than one movie in a day. Psssst! Nothing wrong with it. We all need it at times.

My choices were:

Dear John – a classic, and yes, a sappy love storym The poor guy really went through alot and her. I told my husband, he just got dealt a bad hand. Loved the ending.

The Vow – good movie however, what I didnt like was how she didnt know him through the entire movie but, I guess if you dont know someone you cant act as if you do. True story and she never regained her memory.

We were already stocked up for the month. We went out Sunday and I took care of my grocery haul and what little supplies I pick up at the dollar store. I clean with bleach and vinegar. That’s it! I spent 132.00 and I won’t shop again until nexth month other than bread, milk, fruit and maybe a few packs of meat from my husbands work. I could go for a pork roast in this cold weather.

It doesn’t have all the toxins and poison in it that spray cleaners do that we shouldnt be breathing. All aresol cans are gas in a sense.

I read a great post about it and I did share it on – Facebook and if it doesn’t link to it why typing it in will.

I’ve never claimed to be a genius and really what I’m doing on my website as far as as sales or cash flow I’m not and I could actually return to my: blog that was free! I paid 84.00 for a year through Go Daddy for my full site and I can do the same thing I’m doing on the free website. I’m undecided on what to do and don’t know that we can afford it. I’m really love your thoughts on this sites, domains, hosting, etc. How yours is set up and costs?

I’ll have to decide through the end of March and my frugal fingers are moving and my thrifty mind is always trying to think of where we can cut another corner or be more frugal elsewhere.

I’ll have to sacrifice to have our internet. I’ve blogged from my phone since June I think. It’s doeable but: its slower, I cant have one tab open, and navigate as I could before.

Pictures are terrible when its comes to uploading and how long it takes. It’ll be on towards the end of the week. Hooray! This is why my blog post have slowed down.

Were finally able to get to a place in our lives and through this journey of the last 6 months. Thank you for all of the support when my husband was off work for 4 months. He’s finally been back to work a couple months. Honestly, I able to pay the installment (first month) because we received a blessing for Christmas.

Tuesday- I cleaned all day and did laundry. I didn’t get any done Sunday and I don’t even like to do laundry and look at it as “work” on Sunday unless I absolutley have to.

I have to take my dustmop up under my furniture ar least twice a week and clean really good under and mop to. I like for the area under our furniture to be dust free and clean. I’m so bad about it!

Wed. – I was able to tidy up around the house. I usually have to sweep daily, maybe some dust not to much and I clean our bathroom real good once a week.

I may have to or want to knowing me spray an area and wipe through the week. Most days during the day, I can always find something to do and the television is never turned on. I’ll listen to talk radio.

Something soft or Christian that’s relaxing and then at times, it will speak to me for writing and I love this or something I’m reading will jump out at me from the page. I always have pen & paper near me for notes. If you haven’t been blogging long, sooner or later you’ll probobaly start to do this!

Mid-week and my week was moving along great! Hubby got home I made burgers with a ground chuck he gets at work and tried Kate’s famous baked fried potatoes with sea salt and Oh, they were delicous and I was stuffed.

I heated up some other leftovers I had and this was our dinner.

Today –My husband was home today. We awoke and had our coffee. I slept in a little later than him. He he! Thanks honey! We had a late lunch instead of breakfast.

We had chili dogs made with left over chili I made. I diced up an onion, added just a little cheese and they were pretty yummy!

We don’t eat stuff like this all of the time but it was a way to use the leftover chili and my husband suggested it. It was a great lunch.

He went out and picked up dog food I told him if I don’t go I wont spend! Its been raining and I was comfy right here.

I’ve cleaned up the Roosters house and fluffed up their house. They’ve been given fresh good feed that my hubby makes his self and fresh water! Well this makes for a great day today for my boys. Chickens are coming.

I decided it was time to hook our sectional together for the winter. While my husband was was off today he was here to help me move it. Its heavy furniture! Looks pretty good and I’m happy with it for this season of our lives!

I thought I’d post an update in my week. There’s a whole lot more I’m researching daily and with other areas within my week. I’ve done well this week so far and, feeling productive, accomplished and full of peace and joy knowing the man above God himself is always watching over us. I Thank him daily for my blessings.

God bless you and many blessings to come…

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