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TUCKER’S WAY (Review) By David Johnson | Judith D. Collins | LinkedIn

TUCKER’S WAY (Review) By David Johnson | Judith D. Collins | LinkedIn

I am currently reading theTucker’s Way” series by author David Johnson. I wanted to share this link because I really can’t say great enough about this writer and this series. Tucker is an earthly down to earth person that has never ask anyone for anything until one day. You’ll have to read and see for yourself. These books sold soo many copies David Johnson was contacted about publishing the book on Kindle and its been available. I loaded them all on mine because I really can’t stand it when I love a book and I read the first in the series and I return to the library to check out the number 2 book in the series and its so popular I can never get my hands on the book. I was able to dowload tje entire series with Kindle Unlimited what a deal! I just started “Tucker’s Way” yesterday and I’m almost done reading it! It really is an amazing story and you’ll love Tucker!

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Finding Happiness In My Home…

Finding Happiness In My Home…

My crock-pot is going with a stew I’m preparing for dinner along with home made bread. I picked up one of those premade organic chickens from the deli and it was marked down to 2 bucks! Score and I have been able to get three meals out of this chicken as well as a couple of sandwiches for the husband. A little goes a long ways in our world and we continue to eat and feel healthy along with feeling rejuvenated!

My husband and I have got raving comments from my mother in law lately, (we don’t see her as much as we would life) but she just went on and on about how great and healthy we always look. I have never been able to afford to buy pre-packaged foods or just plain junk for my family. I have always enjoyed cooking.

There was a time life when my children were younger I would watch the home and garden channel at my mothers or the food network.

We dont have that luxery now days and I dont mind at all. When my husband comes home from work he works 10 hour days and by the time we have dinner, and he watches a little television in which all we have is the converter box. (KET)

Cable is over rated and does not have anything on it worth seeing that I can’t read about if I need to. Its educational television for us. My husband loves all the history shows and what I did find out is Anne of Green Gables is on a marathon I believe it stated.

I love Anne of Green Gables and the entire story line. I’m currently reading “Anne of the Island” when she’s older amd goes off to college. If you know Anne you know the story and I am engulfed in it is the only word to describe this book! After an evening of dinner, a little history for my husband on KET, I read in my bedroom at night, then its no time before my eyes are heavy due to my days being very fullfilling at this time in our life and I love and enjoy being in my home at home! Its priceless!

Women these days are in a hurry to jet put and get a job or have a career as Sharon White stated in her book. Her book was exactly how my home was I grew up in! It was a fun loving comfortable home.

My mother was the prime example of a housewife and what it should look like, be, and mean to the housewife and the family as well as God Look around at God’s provisions and count your blessings!

Were early birds and I’ve always felt so much better getting up early. If I dont have to go out, I’m perfectly happy and comfortable in my home being a housewife.

It is a true blessing from God that I am able to stay home and be a housewife while my husband provides.

My home is inviting, I’m always cooking delicous food, my office is right off from he living room. Well its kind of in the living room where pur mobile home was added onto and I have plenty of windows to sit in front of and write when I choose to .

Usually in the Spring all of my writing is done while looking out the window and seeing the birds chirping and all God’s beauty in our land each day and we have a tire swing right out the window in our front yard. Book shelves in my bedroom of my keepsake books. I faithfuly go to the libraru weekly and I dont even have internet at home right now because I go to the library or once in a while a coffee shop in town that’s cheap!

I have no desire to live any other way than the simple, frugal, thrifty way I am now. I’m happiest tjam I’ve been the last 5 years my entire life!

We even added another dog to our family and Stubs is his name! We rescued him from “Gracies Rescue”. Hes adorable and a friendly fur baby to have around! Our dogs are family and I’m happiest and the most content right in my home being a housewife and taking care of them.

I have no desire to be in a hurry anymore I’ve finally come to a point in my life when I can slow down to cook, write on my book I’m writing, born to do laundry, clean and organize my home and keep it efficient.

These are areas, where my talents are used and put forth best! Have a blessed night intil next time & God Bless…

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My Journey Through Life Being a Housewife & Writing…

My Journey Through Life Being a Housewife & Writing…

It’s quite the fun exciting experience and I’m always learning new things as I go. How could it ever get boring? It does, I guess that may be one of the reasons I read as much as I do but I also enjoy it very much. I have always loved to read, I’ve been a bookworm since I can’t remember when. I love the Little House On The Prairie books along with Little Woman. Today I have Jane Austin’s complete set. It’s book like this I keep on in my bookshelves at home! Their keepers!

I’ve enjoyed my time at home lately more than ever, this post will more than likely be about different things, information, educating myself, (I’m doing so much of it these days) going from room to room tyding up, always have hot coffee brewing, washing the few dishes because my dishwasher has a pretty good leak lately. At first it was minor but last time I used it the water ran all the way out in the middle of my kitchen floor. (needs looked into) With my husband back to working 6 days a week, I’ve really had time to enjoy my home and take it all in this Fall season. I read in an,article we waste like 10,000 gallons of water daily when not using a,dishwasher and my husband always thought we were using more but I had assumed different and I was correct. Those numbers are astounding though. It rains quite a bit here in Ky. As I’ve also started to place buckets, containers, etc. Outside around and on our land to collect water for watering plants, animals, and what ever else I can think of using it for.

This simple bird feeder I use can be made from a plastic bottle and a couple of wooden spoons. Even when your out of bird feeder here is a list of foods you can feed our birdly friends you may other wise throw away that can safely be out out for birds.

  1. Cheese- birds love it. The pieces in the end of the pack that at times dry out, cut it up and the birds will enjoy!
  2. Breakfast Cereal- Have a look and see if you have a pack in the back of the cabinet. (Even oatmeal)
  3. Bacon Rind- Some think bacon runs is the best bit of the meal. Others think not. Fornutaly birds will not turn their beaks up when presented with finally chopped cooked bacon rind!
  4. Dried Fruit- goes off and bad quickly this time of year, but your birds will help you eat it. Batch baking, push aside some then pop it in the bird feeder.
  5. Fresh fruit- Try small pieces of Apple, pear, and grapes.

I’m faithful about feeding birds, have been for years and my husband makes it at his work and brings it home. There are times out or just plain forget to let him know and these are other alternatives, foods not getting wasted that I use, all is well and our birds still eat good to!

As I’ve been frugal and thrifty my entire life, and these days it continues as were still in one income and I’m not about letting things go to waste I’m discovering new ways to use, save, and stretch different things when it comes to running my home.

Making my own Laundry Detergent has been one of the easiest transitions into our natural sustainable living I’ve ever done and Yes I know! I get It! There all all types of remedies and recipes out there although this is the one works for me and my laundry comes out cleaner than ever and smells fresh as be!

The catch is this is the more conventional way to save money on laundry detergent, I don’t even have to think about stocking up for quite sometime and it’s incredibly easy to make! We like easy, I KNOW I do sit in awe every time I think about the simplicity of my life anymore. This is an easy updated version I found and discovered that works for me and my family.

Conventional laundry detergent are loaded with chemicals like sulfates, fragrances alone that will kill a horse, phenol, and so many more. Don’t worry I’m not going to vote you to much on this I know! Let’s get to:

Natural Laundry Soap Recipe!

Washing Soda, Borax, Bar Soap (Dr.Bronners, Ivory, Castille or an unscented natural,soap of choice)

I grate bar soap as several others are doing with a grater, you can use a food processor I don’t have one at this time, it’s chopped and grate by hand for me until finely grated. Use your soap of choice.

I’m a large bowl mix 2 parts Washing Soda, 2 parts Borax, and 1 part grated soap. I use 1 part grated soap and 1 cup each of Washing Soda and Borax.

Store in a closed containe. You can get these at Lowe’s for 2 bucks!


I’m saving big time right here because I may have been shopping at the Dollar Stores but you can walk in there and stock up as cheap as we used to be able to!

My laundry is fresher than ever and I’m more than pleased with this because after what we just went through with past circumstances were already building our savings we never want to be or love live in fear as we did over the 4 month period when we almost lost our home.

At God works in mysterious ways. He blessed us dearly and I’m so thankful and I have vowed to save,where I can as, much as I can and this not! Happening again. If it does we’ll have enough to live on, pay our bills and we will not go with out. Not that we did God always provided like scripture stated but you get the point!

These types of easy transitions are making me feel accomplished and that I’m doing exactly what I’ve set out to do and that is for our family to live a simple life!

I’ve been educating myself in so many different areas. My Faith amd relationship with God, being a housewife and home maker, being more frugal, thrifty, living sustainable, eco friendly, recycling, up cycling, and my writing, growing our own food in the garden, because I want to hone and tone my skills and always be better always in all of the above and my book I’m writing!

I just ordered Sharon Whites book “Living in His Income & Being a Christian Housewife”, I believe is the name of it and also Stephen Kings book called “On Writing”. Kate raved so much about it I couldn’t get it on my Kindle Umlimited library such a,deal to read all I want) and it just so happens there’s a 15th anniversary book available at this time. (STEPHEN KING)

Maybe he’s added to it I’m not sure if so, I’ll let you know. I probably have four books at least that I’m reading right now. Their are times I read a book a night. My father always thought I’d be a teacher or a writer and here I am. I’ve written for years love to journal when I was younger blogging has given me an outlet to blog which is in a way like writing In a journal except I want others to take away good from it and to like and enjoy it! I hope my writing gives others hope, becomes an inspiration and hopefully one day my books will sell on They’ll for sure be published we’ll see about will they sell my books? Of course! I’ve been through so much in my life at times I have a ton of advice to offer.

Feel free to ask me anything when it comes to positivity, negativity, good, bad, ugly, endurance, perseverance, rising above it, death, addiction, suicide, mental illness, (not me! I HAD TO LAUGH

But did experience the whole process with a family member educated myself about it and we got through it and this person is thriving today!) I want to continue to be the best wife, mother, friend, servant, and all others wise I can be along with practicing sustainability in our life, being frugal and save, save, save, for our future!

Life can only get better and better, enjoy the experience, joy, & process…God Bless…

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All In a Day’s Work In Order To Stay Humble…

All In a Day’s Work In Order To Stay Humble…

Today was a relaxing kind of day for me. Yes at times in our lives its alright to have a lazy relaxing day. When your a housewife, homemaker, blogger and writer take time for yourself without feeling guilty about it. When I’m doing something domesticated I’m spending my time educating myself. It’s a passion I’ve had for a long, long, time along with journaling, and writing as I have some for many years.

Yesterday I did a deep clean in my home and got all of our laundry done along with rugs, dog beds, pee pads, yes Eazel (our dog) may occasionally have an accident! It happens when he can’t get outside in the wee hours. Not to often but it has happened.

Then I checked emails replied and responded to the most needed. I usually spend mornings or afternoons reading.

We’re writing and have to educate ourselves and I’m learning and growing as I have been for years and created a new me in my own space. I like my own free time to myself during the day while my husband is at work or it gives me time to take care of my home and clean it the way I like it to be. I’m a perfectionist and a control freak in every way and i like my house the way I like it.

If you read my blogs here you know recently that I had and I said had a,job in a local sandwich shop while my husband was not working. When his boss called him and wanted him to come back to work I told my boss I could no longer close at night because my husband does not want to walk up there at night after making, lifting and loading 100 lb. Bags of feed all day then walking a mile at night in the pitch black dark to pick me up because I absolutely will not ever travel and walk down the pitch black dark road we have to travel to get to our street alone. She told me it will cut your hours I told her thats fine we already talked about it. When i called her the next morning or text her she messaged “you told me not to put you on the schedule”

I said “no I told you I could no longer close my husband has to be at work early”. Long story short I messaged “I don’t have a job now?” She has completely ignored me and refuses to reply and I am back home again happy being a house wife and homemaker along witj pouring myself into my writing! Yay for me my favorite place is at home taking care of my home!

Thank God my husband is back at work he makes double and a half what I did at this sandwich job and there is no way I could jeapordize that and besides she is really the most unpleasant person I’ve ever had the pleasure of being by around and she’s a member of our church! These people run around as if they have Jesus running all through them and treat people this way. As God says these people have some growing and learning to do within there self.

I’ve managed to write three chapters of my book today! I was on fire! I’ve reading and educating myself about zero waste because we should only shop and purchase what we need and must have. We must only purchase packaging that is recyclable and breaks down into compost. I plan to have a nice compost pile by next year and gardens, gardens, gardens. I cannot wait! Winter is officially here I do believe it was so cold today or it seemed this way to me.

I found a website I love it’s There in UK but she still writes great blogs and it’s lots of information we need to know to make the world a better place for all!

I’m off to do some reading and will blog about all I’m educating myself about and reading along with other fantastic tips in the morning after coffee when I’m refreshed and and!

God Bless & Goodnight…

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