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Thrifty is the Heart of the Home…

Thrifty is the Heart of the Home…

It’s been quite week. Were expecting Roosters! Yes, Roosters! A lady is supposed to be bringing them to my husbands work. She was supposed to show up yesterday with the roo’s, however she did not. So I hope she does today

This is Eazel and he chose to nap on my keyboard. I’ve also been educating myself about chickens and how to become friends with them and from what I’ve read and researched, we are here to help them take care of their flock.

It says when you pick them up to tuck their head under your chin and pat their bottum or pet their bottum. They may scratch which it states so what wear gloves! A friend of mine is supposed to be bringing me some baby chicks from Knoxville Tennessee where she lives. She’s already been to look at them.

Another lady called me last night and she had 7 or 8 laying hens but, she lives in Sawyer which is quite the distance from here so we’ll see. I’ve educated myself with such a huge amount of information lately its turning into a book because I’ll type up information I want to keep on my laptop.

The weather has been crazy cold one day and warm as heck the next!

Earlier in the week I took a trip to the library and stocked up on old movies like “Young Pioneers Christmas”.

I loved those movies when I was younger. Once again, loving anything old. I’ve been like this my entire life apparently.

I’m toying with maybe trying to get back on U-tube. The thing is I was never any good at editing my videos. I invested in 2 video cameras a Vivitar which is a really cheap video camera that films quite well. The other one is a Logitech C 920 and it films H. I got it at a great price. The only downside is it has to be plugged into my laptop but the upside is most of what I do is right here in the heart of my home. Then again, my life isnt that exciting! Ha! Ha!

I’ve done quite a bit of reading this week about vintage housekeeping. It seems anything older, antique or vintage I’m all about my dear. New ways to make your day special.

Light a candle when you write.

Dress up a couple pretty cleaning baskets, put all you need in them for what areas you clean in.

Make home-made cleaning products. Dawn & Vinegar will clean all things house hold.

I’ve started a great book and its called “Tuckers Way” author is David Johnson.

This older lady is raising her 3 grandchildren lives on what was to be her parents farm. Her mother couldnt take anymore and just up and left one day leaving poor Tucker with her father and she suffers horrendous abuse from her father. I feel for her. This is a series. There are four more books!

David Johnson’s blog is called: and if this link doesnt connect to it, his blog is on WordPress. I was so glad to read he had one!

The other books in the series are:

Tucker’s Way

An Unexpected Frost

Aprils Rain

March On

When Will God Hear Me Cry

I can never get enough reading done. There are not enough hours in the day for all I want to read!

I’ve been doing a huge amount of writing on my books, this is why I havent posted much and with writing comes research to.

Our happy home its been myself and my dogs Eazel and Stubs and most of my life as I said including lately especially since I’m at the ripe age (I won’t say old) of 52, I want to have the old fashion vintage feel of all things housewife.

I carry my breakfast candle to the table as I resolve to carry the candle to the breakfast table every morning for the rest of my days, because it is my own tiny blessing for what it is.

It is a tiny act of faith in this life we choose. And one that makes a chilly autumn morning that tiny bit more special.

Living with fresh air – Is it just me or so we go into a deep state of panic when the weather forecast starts talking about fierce winters and cold fronts moving in.

I know here in Ky. we do have fierce cold Winters and by the time our humid summers are over I’m more than ready for fall. It is my favorite season.

However, when the fall weather does arrive there are areas we need to cut back and come to terms with the painful process of doing without some of our favorite indulgences.

We are still on a very tight budget even though my husband is back to work at his job, were still living on one income. We don’t really indulge at all. If I spend on an item, it’s usually a book. I read so month I did splurge for Kindle Unlimited and who knows it or Prime may have to go. I really use Prime for the free shipping but money is so tight lately I’m just not ordering from

It would be genius if I could generate income here but as of yet I’m not. However, I still have a building here that hopefully will be a business one day!

Moving on, if I do indulge its usually for a book I want to add to my bookshelf!

It means we sacrifice to pay higher heat bills which is a whole area in its self. There’s plenty more to read as well as write abput cost efficiency and ways to keep warm this winter season like, adding a wicker basket of throws to my decor here in our living room. In other ways we feel the pinch of rising fuel and food cost. It takes an expert to do what we do daily in taking care of the household budget and making waste not want not our modern day mantra. We can use these opportunities to reinvent ourselves. I know I don’t want to either while we are adapting to our shoestring budgets and changing a light bulb costs the earth.

In the 1920 edition of a Handbook of Economy and Health, Erkford Fitzgerald suggests that it is THRIFT that is at the heart of a home.

We can no longer afford to live in a throw away society!

The thrifty house wife will show this capacity in the careful expenditure of money and time; by allowing no waste in the house, and by using everything to the very best advantage. She will learn uses and abuses of everything when it comes to domestication so she is able to perfect full and economical value in all directions. She will be wise to only purchase and buy what’s best in the market, and use the benefits of sale prices and buying bulk and clothing, etc.

All things housewives need is cheap.

While pinching evert penny she won’t hesitate to spend money when the health and her family or comfort of the family need it.

The most important in our armory against frugality is our daybook or planner.

A little purse or hand sized record of exactly what we spend on keeping our family whole and healthy!

There can even be many if you wish!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post from:

The heart of my home to yours, may many blessings come your way in and during this season!

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Grace Filled Days & Being a Housewife

Grace Filled Days & Being a Housewife

I sit here this afternoon looking out my window in front of my desk and as I see all the leaves and pine cones in the yard I feel God’s grace,all around me through out this day. I sit in front of this window to write my blogs and write my book also it helps to give me inspiration, think of circumstances that we’ve endured, gone through, conquered and persevered through. I’m sure at times I sit here and meditate at times and I’m nor aware I am that’s how peaceful ud feels and this my friend is the true meaning of God’s Grace!

All he’s done, moved us through, moved for us even when we dont like what’s going on at the moment I make sure I tell God over and over “white I Trust Your Plan”.

It wont be long and our seasons as,well as our whole year will be coming to an end. I will be looking back at my past year and asking myself:

“Did I obey God in the times I should have”?

Was I as good of a servant to God as I possibly could have been”?

Was I as good of a wife, house wife, as I could have been?

Was I good enough at taling care of our family and our home?

Did I write good content for my readers for my blog?

Did I attend church enough over the past year?

Will we be pleased with ourselves will be our # 1 question?

I’ve had a blessed year and many blessings to be thankful for!

Did I accomplish them all?

Well surely not! I would never want to stop being better every living day, learning all I can or educating myself more and more because I have the type of brain that never consumes enough information when it comes to reading, learning, and educating myself.

I’m so blessed to be able to stay home and wash dishes, scrub and sweep floors, (their wood), be with my babies (my dogs), do laundry, our bedrooms are carpet.

We lived in an apartment years ago that had wood floors so I gave them to my nephew and now I need one!

Of course its on my list. The one of these days list or to do later list!

When you run and live in a home on one income as we do, (I generate no income on my blog yet!) I have to conserve and cut back in areas as for the vacuum cleaner,, I can sweep my carpets with a broom, even though having pets, my furniture could sure use a good vacuum! For sure!

My dogs are laying on the front porch in the sun. It’s still to cool to leave it open. I get chilled easily or I’m burning up!

Darn hot flashes. I used to get a shot for them but have since switched Dr.’s and really decides it probably wasn’t good for me, and it will fade away sooner or later. Lucky us!

I love to cook! It’s a blessing to be able to cook and eat with my family. I don’t cook real fancy meals. We’ll have bean soup in the crock pot or other soups. Yesterday I had some of the deli chicken I bought for 2.00 (what a deal), I added peas, carrots, chicken stock and some cream of mushroom souo and pasta, baked bread in the afternoon, it was scrumptous!

We always eat many, many, potatoes, rice and even at times, we’ll have breakfast for dinner. Its quite good! My mother used to do this with us when we were younger.

I don’t leave a million different products plugged into the wall plugs that use electric! It’s plugged in, its using electric just like I tell my husband. Especially for heat. We don’t use our furnace! Energy efficient electric heaters do fine. Propane is costly!

When we are in another room, their off unless its 20 or 30 below.

Bundling up in thermals or,

wrapping up in a warm,fuzzy throw,with a great read, now this is my kind of afternoon!

If you heat with wood! Visit your local saw mills & lumber yards! We have a mill here, they give it away! If they do sell it it’s cheaply priced!

I went to the heating assistance program this morning and of course I did not have the correcr income paper work! I may return or I’ll need to think about this. It may be that a person or family may need it worse! This is how I think, and maybe thats why it didnt happen. We are a one income minimim wage family and time will tell as to how cold it gets!

Check your local heating assistance programs and for God’s sake don’t be ashamed! If you meet the criteria, keep your family good and warm this Winter!

I shop once a month and other than eggs, milk, at times, bread, and fruit, I don’t shop until the following month.

I’ve told my husband as long as we have eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, sugar, and flour we’ll never starve!

Soon I will be pondering on what my goals for next year will be. We all will!

Let’s See:

Always study scripture, pray, and try to obey God best I can.

Save, save, save, & continue to Save!

Finish and publish my book! (#2 HOPEFULLY before)

The outside of our house needs painted & inside.

And on and on and on!

Set goals, write it out and make a list!

To Do’s



I use a cheap planne. It helps me keep track of things I clean, shopping, etc. THERE .50 CENTS AT DOLLAR TREE!

This blog is only about one of my Grace Filled days as a house wife, and being able to stay home and care for my home & family!

What a blessing! I’m always reading books pertaining to gardening, pinching pennies, more ways to save! What a fun grace filled life!

At this time I’m off to join:

Anne of The Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I love the Anne of Green Gables stories

I’m waiting on:

Money Savings From the Amish -Lorilee Craker

Its in the mail or on a UPS truck! I never waste money frivously. Usually it’s well spent on a book!

Sure I’ll read a few of my favorite blogs first and stop by and say hello…

Have a Blessed afternoon!

Thank you for stopping by

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My Bookshelf & A Peek Into What I’ve  Been Reading…

My Bookshelf & A Peek Into What I’ve Been Reading…

I woke up today to these lovely gems on my porch when I let Eazel and Stubs out to do their business.

I’ve been anticipating the waiting for their arrival! I couldn’t help it last night I also ordered.

Lorillee Krakers (visit her new blog)

Peace, Love and Rasberry Cordial

I have been reading her blog the last few days and with her love of:

Anne of Green Gables & Books it will remain a favorite for a long time to come!

Money Saving Budget The Amish she has written.

It will be here in a couple days. She has also written a memoir “What Anne of Green Gables Taughter My Daughter and I About Adoption and Feeling Orphaned…

She states that while reading “Anne of Green Gables” to her daughter she asked “what’s an orphan”? And with her daughter being adopted as well as herself the journey was on to find answers in which I also see that it has turned into a book as it will be next on my list!

I’ve spent time reading the last few days I’ve been engulfed in Kate Singh’ s books at

The Old Fashioned Housewife

Finding God In This World

Dirt Poor and Loving It

I continue to educate myself about Urban Farming, Sustainable Living , and Eco-Friendly long as well!

My husband, is off work today because the feed mill is stocked so well and with him working 6 days a week it’s quite alright.

Agenda For Today

We need to place plastic over a few of our Windows.

Do repairs on our chicken house. (I will have some soon & a ladies blog I read told me now is the perfect time that I will have eggs by Spring!

Run errands because the little guys need a, flea treatment so I’ll be picking up flea pill for the little guys. (They work)

Laundry always laundry

By this afternoon I may be able to do some reading. I’m always trying to hone my writing skills and I’ve read the reviews on Stephen Kings “On Writing ” book in which it has stories in it about his life to.

I’m reading a book right now about Minimalist Budgeting I love reading about these types of books to always be better at just being in everything! I enjoy supporting our local & other authors Writing their own books and stories! There great reads!

Their usually not very high prices at all.

I purchased Kindle Unlimited because I read so much and always have a book open and laying some where in my home! Yes, I read more than one at a time! There are such great choices that I can borrow and return. I can have up to ten titles in my Kindle Library at once.

Oh! I wanted to tell you about how my husband and I watched The Glass Castle!

My husband read the book. I had started it but he finished it before I did and he would tell me about parts of it as he was reading it. We do this all the tima and I’m always talking about books I’m reading to my husband so no I never finished it! This really was a great movie with a very touching story line about all she went through living in squabble and poverty with her parents and her mother always stayed, would never leave her father and Jeanette Walls went on to be a successful journalist and author. She had a couple more that are on my reading list.

Half Broken Horses

The Silver Star

These are the type of books you want to purchase and have on your bookshelf for keeps!

My husband also read Angela’s Ashes and Tiz by Frank Mcourt and he really enjoyed both of these books. He said Frank, came over here, from another country hadn’t even finished high school and got into college!

I’m a bookworm since childhood. I read all the Little House On The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little Women books and I love them.

I should make it back here to write another blog today. Another blog I’ve visited lately is littleredhouseblog

She has lovely blogs and fantastic DO IT YOURSELF EASY PROJECTS.

Have a blessed day & enjoy the sunshine today….

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A Peek Into My Week & Being Frugal…

A Peek Into My Week & Being Frugal…

It’s actually been a pretty positive few days. I was off work Thursday and I spent my day baking bread, cakes and other goodies.

I also spent the day preparing for for Fall and Winter doing simple things in order for us to be able to be and stay warm, as well as keep the heat in instead of letting it drift out through windows, doorways and other areas that air may be able to get through. I went through curtains and my mother in law sent me some to  because, to save on energy, heat, and keep your house warmer we want to hang thicker or thermal curtains if you can and are able to, they will keep your house warmer. I folded up, and rolled them up and placed them in a basket to sit in the living room in order for me to be able to snuggle under one with a book, or during a movie with my hubby or if we have a visitor that needs to keep and stay


Don’t be discouraged with the same old, same old. You can change the looks in the  in your home by being thrifty and frugal with what  you already have. I’ve taken mason jars and candles that I purchased here locally back in the summer and used them for canisters for beans, rice,.pennies, change, and their great for q-tips, cotton balls and those older smallet spice racks are great for nail polish or other items that we use for self care. The better and refreshed we look, the better we will feel! Very important because if we feel good, positive energy, the flow of our home will do the same. I tell my husband happy wife makes for a happy life!

Warm water with Dawn dish liquid and vinegar after you’ve set the candle down in a medium size pot of boiling water after you dispose of the melted wax, the remaining wax in the bottom which isn’t much will wipe right out with warm water Dawn dish soap and a clothe or paper towel. The cheaper candles from the Dollar Stores with the silver lids look nice to! The smaller iddy biddy candles I store paper clips, rubber bands or even ink pens, tape or any type of small item.

In other news we I managed to find a used washer and dryer at a very cheap price, however,the washers not spinning out, or emptying water so we are dealing with this dilemma. The dryer works great but I was depending on the washer more because I can hang clothes on the line still. It’s cold here in Whitley City, Ky. Today almost frigid, last night in the thirties but, there are still sunny warm days that I can still hang clothes on the line. We’ll see what happens with this situation. On to the next thing, not stealing my JOY today. The gentle men is calling now, my husband is speaking with him we’ll see and the piece in the  lid is chipped a little on the plastic. My jack of all trades husband will fix it. A washer & dryer set well worth 75.00! I was dreading the Fall and Winter Seasons with out,  because we accumulate more laundry in the Fall and Winter seasons. It was money we really did not have, but clean clothes are a neccesity! Happy wife I am now!

Upon reading my devotion today it said when others cheat you, cross you, or some type of circumstance the same practice forgiving easily and as  soon as possible. Use this for a chance to practice God’s Grace!

We lost our dog Little Bit last Thurs. Oct. 20, due to him being old I assume. I miss him daily, we had it for years! Oh, I loved him so much! We still have Eazel, a year old baby and we love him. Not as laid back as Little Bit, more hyper and he plays fetch! Such a pretty dog!



In the situation with our house, I’m just tired of exhausting  myself emotionally. We’ve gotten a couple donations. We’ve paid some on our rear payment. My husband  has managed to  be able to do a refrigeration job with a friend for a few days and this will go towards our mortage. I believe he will petty much have to accept it because they’ve already accepted a partial payment. I and my husband refuse to be consumed with worry, fear and fear of the unknown. Only God knows where he wants us, he will see us through. If our Almighty God above decides were better off else where, then we are. He knows best! I’m taking my joyous days back and enjoying my days once again. My blog is a documentary of my life to as well as an outlet and I love and have a passion for writing about the good days and bad. Solutions are what readers need to hear about after the process of experiencing the painful pain has set in and we’ve accepted the circumstances for what it is then, WE GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS, PULL UP OUR BOOT STRAPS AND DEAL WITH IT!

In reading I’m learning all kinds of frugal and thrifty ways to save such as adding powdered milk to the liquid. It really stretches it, and we don’t even know the difference, using the tissue paper tube inside for the ugliness or cluttered look from cords, wires, etc. I’ve used it ir works perfectly! Theres so much information in this book The Tightwad Gazette and I’ll be sharing more.

I’m reading all about sustainable, thrifty, penny pinching in Kate Singhs books!

This is a fantastic book of Kate’s at I’ve already read and well worth buying for keeps! You won’t be dissapointed by her witt, honesty, writing, charm And a look into her life! She always makes makes me smile, encourages me, gives me hope and helps me to want better and push myself to do better! I can’t say enough great about her! At times I feel we were cut from the same clothe. Her new book: “The Housewife Is a Writer’s” well I can’t rave about it enough! Please go to Kate Singh at and get yours cheapy, cheap! You won’t be dissappointed I promise! Oh how I love Kate’s writing!

My book is coming along. Its about some of my life and all that’s happened. Acceptance,.endurance, persevering amd conquering the toughest times when we think that we just can’t go on!

I’ll be tidying up, laundry, laundry, laundry, until then.

Oh and yesterday, I got avocados for .99 this I get excited about! Yummy!

God bless and have a blessed day!

Its raining here I’ll be baking bread and making sandwiches this evening! I would much rather be in my “Home Sweet Home” but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Have a joyful day and thanks for being here! It means the world to me having readers!

Do not be discouraged, I have overcome the world!

The Bible KJV




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