It was a few evening ago and I’ve been trying to declutter so much lately that I have just now gotten around to writing this blog. My husband’s place of employment always tries to carry a variety of different food from locals and I think that’s just great because in a small community we should always try to support our locals and shop local!


In my husband comes with honeycomb! I love pure honey and sorghum. My husband bought me a gift from his work and it just so happened to be honeycomb from a local place here in Ky. and I believe my husband’s boss takes a variety of products on consignment.

My first thought was “I’ve never eaten honey this way from a honeycomb”!  Where do we always turn to. Our loyal Internet. I surfed the Internet and I actually found a fantastic website that can and will tell you anything you need to know from bees to eating the stuff. I’m a reader and I found it very interesting and I was reading for quite some time. The website was: How To Eat Honeycomb

It stated: Prepare your toast, English Muffin, (loves those), biscuit or your choice of what you’re eating the honeycomb on. When it’s warm after you spread your butter, cut a chunk of the honeycomb and spread it. It would also make a great snack for kids and healthy. The honeycomb my husband brought home spread so easily, had no waxy taste at all! My husband and I both stated “this is the best honey we’ve ever eaten!

I wanted to share this because I’m sure there are some who’ve eaten honeycomb and some that have not. I am one that had not and I found all of this information fascinating and extremely interesting because it also will tell you what to look for when purchasing honeycomb.

Believe it or not, there are quite the particulars out there when it comes to shopping for this product.

I hope you enjoy this and found it somewhat helpful and I wanted to share how delicious it was! If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend it!

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