Hi everyone and happy Saturday. I have been deeply entailed in all things DIY today in reading and looking over the Internet and I would love to share some of what I have found and what I hope to accomplish over the spring and summer.

I think and believe all of us women are always looking for ways to change our decor and the look of our homes without spending money or spending the least amount of money as possible.

I have had a few projects in mind since we purchased and moved in here last year. Feb. 18, we were officially here one year.

I have always been intrigued by the projects you can make and create with older type doors and here are some of what I have found and what types of projects you can make and accomplish with old doors. I do hope to make and create some of these although if you try and purchase older typed doors they can be pricey!



I thought these looked pretty amazing and there are several other photos such as using a door as a headboard for your bed or a folding table where the door comes put on chains for an area to fold your laundry! Genius huh!

Moving on we have bins and extra containers from groceries we’ve purchased that can be used in several areas of our home like these lovelies because of my husband and me because daily coffee drinkers and I would love to find projects to use all of my extra coffee containers for in different areas of my home and I thought these were great ideas!


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From Coffee to Canisters


Since we’ve moved in here I saw this beautiful photo of a galvanized tub hanging on a shepherds hook with flowers in it hanging in the front area or yard of a home. These can also have a nice price tag but, why not use plastic tubs and they can be spray painted silver and it’s a cheaper way to go all together and I’m hoping to be able to do this to this year.

There is a little shop here called Simple Tymes and I love the name of it. I visited there one day and when I get my new camera (it’s ordered) and as long as all goes well it will arrive but I want to see if they’ll let me do a video to upload to my channel and I’ll put it on here to because they have the neatest decor. They did have these galvanized tubs in their shop but they were more than I could afford to spend on them but I could take a plastic one and paint it silver!


I’m sure many have explored the chalkboard paint trend and I have wanted to paint my kitchen cabinets for a year now since we have lived here. I have scrubbed them down many times. There a dull gray color and this is the color the previous owners painted them and I don’t see the new chalkboard paint look hurting the look of them any. 

It’s very easy to mix: Mix 1 cup of latex paint with 1 tablespoon of unsanded grout.

These are my kitchen cabinets and some looks in kitchens I hope to do in my kitchen! 


I looked at several kitchens with the chalkboard paint and another color I really liked was the duck egg blue. In one kitchen I saw she did the top of her kitchen cabinets in white and the bottom cabinets were painted in duck egg blue. I loved the look and white in a room or any area will always make it look larger.

These are some of the projects I hope to do this spring and summer and if I don’t get to all of them then, there is always hope for one day right?

I did get the photos from Google except for my kitchen and there is plenty out there to look at and look up. Some of these photos may take you directly to their website if the person has a blog or website. 

Good luck with all of your DIY projects this spring and summer!

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