Spring will be here soon here in Whitley City, Ky. and I’m excited that it is finally warming up. It was a frigidly cold winter and I  don’t know about others but my husband and I are ready for some warm sunny weather. My husband and I enjoy living here much more in the warmer seasons. It is so pretty here in the warmer seasons! It’s pretty here in the winter time but I do not care or cold weather at all!

As you can see our chickens are growing and my roosters are HUGE! I will get some other photos of them also. I sure hope we get some babies from this bunch and we will see soon. I have endlessly searched the Internet to try and find out the breed of our chickens with little or no success I’m afraid. My husband said, someone, had told him that they were white leggins but were still unsure. The gentlemen he got them from comes in his work but I guess he just never thinks to ask or who knows maybe, the man just does not know for sure. If anyone does happen to know the breeds of these chickens please comment and let me know and thank you in advance although if you comment I will definitely reply.

Now, I can’t wait to sit in front of my window here where there is plenty of sun during the spring and summer season. Lots to be excited about! I hope everyone else as we are ready for some warmer weather. 

A couple of fantastic websites to visit and learn all about your backyard chickens if you have any in your yard or backyard are:


All you want and need to know about chickens. 

Topic of the Week - Raising and caring for goslings


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