We all know that whether we have short hair or long hair, it always becomes one of the hugest challenges in our life to be able to come up with a hairstyle that we like and don’t have to or want to spend not so much needed time on “our hair”  of all things.

More than likely we want a hairstyle that is low maintenance and doesn’t take so much of our time to fix our hair whether just going out to run errands, a night out for dinner, a simple night out with girlfriends or a relaxing dinner with the husband whether dining out or eating in. We still want to look nice for our husbands and even more importantly ourselves because then, of course, we feel better about ourselves! I cut my hair myself after watching several U-tube videos of women doing a DIY haircut on themselves. I wanted a straight cut because I didn’t want to deal with all of the layers and that way when I pull it back if I choose, it is even! Not bad and I think it turned out pretty well!

How I Cut My Hair: I parted in the back and pulled two ponytails around the front to each side laying above the breast area. I then cut and snipped my hair even on each side. I took out the ponytail ties or rubber bands and cut and snipped in an upward motion with the scissors to do away with such a blunt cut look and it gave my hair a soft upward motion shiny thinned layered look on the ends and it still looks even and straight across just the way I wanted it. Whether I wear it straight, pulled back, or curled it still gives my hair the straight, pulled back in a ponytail, or curled it still gives it the straight sot layered shiny effect which is just the look I was hoping for with my hair and I love the color!


I purchased one of the new curling wands that don’t come with the clip that holds your hair like a curling iron does. Now I will show you some photos of it then, you can get an idea of what it looks like and how it works. It doesn’t have the clip to hold your hair in the wand like a curling iron as I stated but it does come with a glove in order for you not to burn your fingers while wrapping your hair around the wand in order to obtain curl and believe me when I say it gets really, really hot but does have a temperature control in order for you to have the heat lower or higher at your discretion.


And now we have photos of the curling wand along with a hairdryer, a volumizing mousse that you can apply to your hair wet or dry and mousse will add volume to your hair when blow drying it’s best to use a round brush and blow outward to add the volumizing height to your hair.

The curl with the wand is more of a messy looking curl. However, if I had taken more time with my hair before photographing, my hair would have had more of a tighter curled look. When using this wand you don’t have to add as many curls tight or lose because it’s more about adding wave also. Use the curling wand to your liking until you get the desired effect of your liking and you’re satisfied with the look of your hair.

The Nexus Heat Protecting Mist is to be used when straightening your hair and it’s best to use a product like this in order to keep your hair from becoming damaged.

I also straightened my hair after I did the cut to tidy up any uneven or loose strands. You can also straighten up the uneven ends by cutting straight across or snipping in an upward fashion in order to not show such a blunt cut effect and it also gives it a slight layered effect to your hair also.

I also added a color to my hair which is Auburn Brown and I had too many gray strands showing through the top of my head in the crown of my hair. They were thin strands but I needed a way to cover the gray along with it looking natural. I have used this color before and I have gotten so many compliments on it and I love it.

My husband and I went to a church service last night and I had gotten so many compliments on it from the other ladies at church and this made me like and enjoy having my hair color so much more.

This photo here is right after the color, cut and blow dry! I’m very satisfied with how my how turned out even though I can use sine practice with the curling wand and I’ll get there. I’ll be sharing a future blog post with all the fashionable hairstyles I come up with using my new styling wand!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog about DIY hair color, cut and curl with the infamous curling wand!



Products used: Revlon Styling Wand, Loreal Paris Advanced Boost it Volume Inject Mousse, Nexus New York Salon Split End Repairing Heat Protecting Mist, Conair 1875 Hair Dryer, and Loreal Feria Auburn Brown.

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Above is all the leave-ins listed I used to cut, style and curl my hair along the leave-in products I used in my hair.

Please come and visit again and if you decide to cut, style, and color your hair I would love to see the end result!

Many Blessings and good luck if you decide to give yourself a new hairstyle as I have!

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