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What’s Happened To America and Helping Others Please Click…

What’s Happened To America and Helping Others Please Click…
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I’m so confused lately as I go to work at the local sandwich job and work my  unhopeful average 21 hours a  week if I’m lucky! My husband has yet to find employment here in Whitley City, Ky. There are just no jobs apparently. I’m originally from Northern Ky. And he is from Cin. Ohio and it’s a much busier built up area. God willing our children still live there and maybe we’ll get to see them soon!

We fell behind on our house payment back in June which made us owing 900.00 this month to make our house payment current or be  evicted and the kicker is “be expected to vacate the same day” with no where to go because all of family is diceased. My husband’s family that’s here are unable or unwilling to help.

I made a payment to the couple were buying this trailer and 3 acres from, we also have 2 dogs Eazel And Little Bit. (We’ve had him 5 years.) I gave them a check for 400.00 on Oct. 7th for which he hands  us a paper typed up that stated we were to have an  amount of 900.00 still by Oct. 21st. I said “that’s impossible and there is no way we can have this by this date and you cannot except partial payment from us and then evict us.” He proceeds to reply “sure I can, you owe me more than this.” I’ve looked up eviction laws, and from what I’ve read it  says they are not able to this to us if they accept partial payment. I’m embarrassed to even have to put this out here like this. I’ve managed to receive one 50.00 donation and it was paid on our house payment with the 400.00 payment. He is a police officer here and their Christians.  (So they say.) My husband and I have done our faith, it’s been a heart breaking time for us. Defeated is the word I’m going to choose because were hard working American citizens, and we swallowed our pride as well as our dignity and even reached out to our home church, and were told sometimes their lead to help in a true financial need and at times their not and they didn’t feel that this was. What in the world is then? I wish God him self could answer this question for us! Were scared to death! Of becoming homeless at the ages of 52, and 53. I have COPD, I wear an oxygen machine at night plus I also am on portables. I walk 4 miles to and from work. I’ve reached out every where! To other churches, organizations, and I’m hitting a wall each and every where we turn. I generate no income here, I write because I enjoy it! Please dont think I’m making all of this up, and I’m asking if you or someone, or  some church or organization will please DONATE & CLICK to help us! Were in Dire Straits here! There are no resources to help us and by Oct. 21st if its not paid well be homeless. No joke and I only hope and pray you will CLICK &  & would you please let me know who you are! It will go directly into my Pay Pal! We are officially the WORKING POOR & PLEASE LIFT US UP IN PRAYERS!


Where ever or who ever you are thank you for the 50.00 donation! It has helped dearly and were not there yet, hopefully we survive this and I can write about it in a book one day!


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